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    Invitation for Swiss embassy in Ukreine
Спільна вистава театру Віді-Лозанна
(Швейцарія) та театру ДАХ (Україна)
Invitation Joint theater performance
VD-Lausanne (Switzerland)
and DAH Theatre (Ukraine)
"Вій" за повістю М. Гоголя „Вій“
Текст, драматургія: KLIM
Концепція, режисура: Владислав Троїцький
Музичний супровід: гурт „ДахаБраха“
"Vii" based on the novel “Vii” by M. Gogol
Directed by Vlad Troitskiy
Text and playwrighting by KLIM
Music by DakhaBrakha

* The performance will be in Ukrainian and French but due to a predominant role
of the wonderful music and talented actors the performance can be understood
and enjoyed by anyone and translation is not necessary