Office Wall Graphic Design and Implementation
Client: Teamwork, Blackpool, Cork City
Digital and hand rendered illustration and graphics for new office building for Irish SaaS Software Company Each design was created to reflect the office environment and company brand style and culture. 

Media: Spraypainted wall mural, Hand drawn line art and Vector illustration- graphic, typographic and layout design.
Customer support office focuses on the customer sound bites, using clean contemporary type and tech icons in a minimalist layout to avoid distractions and let the words stand out.
Canteen wall design focuses on elements of food and fun, using hand drawn illustration style and bold bright shapes and colours to reflect the relaxed, fun atmosphere of this room.
Entrance Hallway was designed to showcase the skyline and iconic buildings of Cork city. Hand rendered line art allows for a strong yet simple illustrative style and digital colour palette is based on the primary company brand colours.
Wall mural Design - office, Cork City