In collaboration project with 4 members.
From the GIB’SEA 43 we preferred to change all the original lines to create a more dynamic sailboat, with new lobbys and new leisure spaces, therefore exploring all its potentialities.
Thus the sailboat came out, with aesthetic features which confer hydrodynamics to the boat and which put across elegance, stoutness, agressiveness and sportfulness.
There is continuity and lightness in the connection between the inside and the outside. The inside is simple, comfortable, with wide spaces and natural luminosity.
By redesigning this model we managed to innovate the whole original concept, making it more desirable in the modern days, in a quest to try to correspond to the modern users expectations.
Made in 2009
The original Gib´Sea 43
Lines of inspiration
First Sketches
Final Sketches
Exterior Renders
Interior Renders
Scale Simulations
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