The Invisible Beauty (Salticidae)
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    Extreme close up of jumping spiders, Salticidae. Portrait of jumping spider, 2012.
The Inivisible Beauty, (Salticidae)
Portrait of Salticidae
Jumping Spider is a very small life and very common in our daily life and it has been overlooked yet most of us did not awaken the beauty which cannot be see with our naked eyes.

The Invisible Beauty Project is to illustrate beauty of life within Salticidae, (jumping spider). Most of us do not awaken that Salticidae is a very charming creature, colorful, detail texture and have interesting unusual form of shape which we cannot see using our naked eyes.

My aim is to illustrate and bring out the beauty of color, texture details and the unusual shape of the Salticidae through macro photography. Make known to the people about the Salticidae's beauty and their charm is what drives me.
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