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    Planning Permission Granted and Completed (Belsize Conservation Area) Located in the Belsize Conservation Area in London, Mestci House consists … Read More
    Planning Permission Granted and Completed (Belsize Conservation Area) Located in the Belsize Conservation Area in London, Mestci House consists of the ground and lower ground level flats of a late Victorian building. The living/public spaces are on the ground level and the bedroom/sleeping spaces are on the lower ground level. Originally, the only access to the rear garden of this Victorian building was from the lower ground level. As part of the renovation work in the flat, we built a staircase that connects the kitchen on the ground level into lower ground level garden and demolished the wall below a sash window in the kitchen to create a door and access to this new staircase. Other major renovation works in the flat included conversion of a rear bedroom into a bathroom, demolishing the partition between the living room, dining room and entrance to create one big space on the ground level. In conclusion, the main purpose of this project was to renovate the house into a usage that is more suitable to the client’s needs. In Mestci House, all of the joinery work is bespoke. This way, we created multifunctional furniture pieces that respond into different needs in the house. The sofas in front of the windows work as an additional storage space. The kitchen island is designed to extend into a 3 people table with a sliding piece. The spaces below the interior staircase are used as shoe cabinets and wardrobes. With some minor changes in the plans of the flat, we accomplished to create embedded storage space for each room. Respecting the existing materials in the area, the proposed exterior staircase was made of timber steps and black painted metal balustrade. These stairs are with open risers to maximize their translucency and minimize the visual impact. The steps are supported by a steel structure at the middle. There is a hardwood privacy screen to block the view to the neighbor. In the kitchen, mat grey and dark natural wood colors have been used. The timber floors of the kitchen, garden steps, dining and living rooms are in similar natural wood color as the timber kitchen counter. This creates one big continuous space of kitchen, dining and living. The kitchen island is made of several pieces, which gradually gets smaller and elevates from the floor through the extendable sliding table, creating a floating feeling. Although the worktop is large, the island touches only half of that size on the ground. The backsplash is covered with subway style white tiles. There is an exposed airduct, which creates an industrial look combination with the subway style tiles. We added a removable cutting board on the island counter, which could be easily replaced after it wears out. Read Less