The images below are part of a project I am working on in my 3rd year Uni and will follow on through out the 2013. The title of the project is 'Personal Pathway.' The idea behind the project is to express through design what we want to learn in the next couple of months. Whether is be Advertising, Print, Digital Design, Copy, Branding Etc. 
As I haven't decided which 'Pathway' i want to head down the images below are an experiment to see if I should pursue to work on copy and images and maybe create an Advetisement for the final outcome. More designs will follow as I think more. 
I chose to make the KFC Colonel on the large side, as the KFC logo only shows the head of the Colonel and we don't see the body. The image depicts what the lower half could look like. I chose to place the image on the cover of 'MensHealth' as its one the most read magazines for males.
The concept behind this image is that Durex use wit in their Advertisments and aim to show how their brand will protect you. What I decided to do was the Oppostite of their advertisements and make it look like Durex has given in to the pressure of always protecting the consumer and is now telling the consumer that having a family is fun. Thus the slogan 'Start A Family.'
Another Oppostition Preposition Ad. This time I chose Pedigree. The concept is that we share food with our pets already so why not make a food that both animals and humans can eat too. 
Using copy and a sharp image, the concept was to merge the two and to create a clever add for a 'made up' Sperm Bank. The slogan 'OnThemission' is a two part slogan. The first part is the 'On The Mission' where man is trying to succeed in helping out. The Second part is 'Emission' which means ejaculation. I joined the two together and tied it in to the Ad.
This is another Ad for the Sperm Bank. This time using inspiration from an existing 'Dove' advert where the screen/page is just white with the logo in the bottom right. This focuses the reader on to the text in the middle of page.