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The interesting thing about everyday life is that many of us are not even aware that we are creating the experiences of our daily lives right now.  This is happening because of the totality of all our conscious and subconscious thoughts. Many people call it the Law of Attraction.

Our Natural Impulses

As mere humans, every single one of us have the powerful ability to create and manifest the live that we truly desire, through the proper use of our minds. And quite honestly, whether you know it or not, you are continuously creating the reality around you on a daily basis.

You must understand that each thought, each intention, and each emotion that you are experiencing will have some kind of impact on your life – be it positive or negative. All these instances will release a certain vibration of energy out into the universe and will mold and shape the outcome of your life.

All this already lies within each one of us. We can begin creating the life of our dreams right this instance. All we must do is start putting all that energy to work for us and mold it the way we desire. Most of us simply lack the faith of seeing it through.

3 Steps to your Dream Life – Do you dare?

Yes, we know there are many methods available out there that are supposed to show you how to manifest your dream life. And we also know that trying to keep up with all of these is nothing short of overwhelming – let alone trying to find the best one to use. This is exactly why we'd like to help by showing you a method that we use personally and can attest to its effectiveness. Sound good?

1) Put your trust in the universe

This is a big big challenge, but you must put your trusting in the complete unknown here. It’s hard but totally necessarily as it will never work unless you begin putting your total trust in the universe. You must realize that the universe is where you will be receiving abundance from.

So before you can begin receiving, you must be willing to open yourself up for this first. You have to believe that the universe is working for your best wishes and not against them. Here’s a little exercise that may help you get that energy flow going every morning.

Prior to getting out of bed every morning, take a few really deep breaths. Now visualize that you are inhaling trust directly into your soul, and that you are exhaling fear slowly out of your thoughts.

This should help you immensely in purging negative energy and vibrations from your mind. The key is to keep doing it each morning – you will become more and more proficient at clearing the negative energy from your soul.

2) Be very clear in what you want

It is amazing how many people out there want something better, but can’t seem to define what that is. Until you know precisely what you want, you will never ever achieve your dreams. It is simply impossible. It is much quicker and easier to manifest things that are clear in your mind. The universe needs specifics in this overall process.

It is a good idea to create a list of everything that brings happiness to you routinely. And also list the things that you believe will bring you happiness in the future. Describe every one of these things with as much detail as you can. This list needs to specify the people, the opportunities, and all the experiences that you truly desire with more great intention and intense emotion. When you do this, it will give your visualizations a massive boost of power.

3) Be grateful in advance for what is coming your way

Gratitude is a very powerful thought and a vibration of strong energy. This is why we should use it as much as possible. Therefore, after you have opened up your soul and your mind to what you will receive, and you are very clear in the Images of your desires, it is now time to feel the gratitude for the blessings that you are about to receive in your life.

Start imagining how it feels to already have the dream life that you have desired. Start Imagining how grateful you are going to feel when it comes to pass. Experience now the abundance you are going to receive.

Never forget that gratitude will always open doors to more opportunities, more happiness, and more success. It is the perfect way to complete the circle of positive energy flow!


Never underestimate power of the human mind to create. When you look around at all the wonders of the world around you, and you see all the incredible creations, you have to realize that all of them began as a mere thought in someone’s mind. There is no reason why it couldn’t begin in your mind.