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Logos & Types vol.2
Here we go. Second pack of personal and client logos and typography experiments.
This is a huge and on-going project, started right when Logos and Types vol.1 ended.
Hope you like it.
                  Personal logo
                  Personal logo - typographic experiment
                  Wist - typographic experiment
                  Some Ambigrams - ambigram
                  STYE - mirror ambigram
                  Fractals - ambigram
                  JESUS - SATAN - ambigram
                  DESIGN - ambigram
                  Design - ambigram 2
                  UMA - ambigram
                  Shadow- ambigram
                  BASIC - minimal ambigram
                  WIST - ambigram
                  LF - personal monogram
                  LF - personal monogram 2
                  LF - personal monogram 3
                  W - type experiment
                  B - type experiment
                  S - type experiment
                  UMA - logo
                  Love - logo for poster
                  Ravenword - band logo proposal
                  Animal House - logo
                  Alpha Dogs
                  Vegas Rattlesnakes - logo
                  Colo Tech
                  Illy State
                  The Bulldogs
                  Holy Mary
                  A. U. monogram
                  Mississippi River monogram
                  NY blue devils - logo
                  Delano U. spiders - logo
                  UPGRADE - UPgrade GRAphic DEsign official logo
                  UPGRADE - UPgrade GRAphic DEsign official logo proposal
                  UPGRADE - UPgrade GRAphic DEsign official logo proposal
                  Pandino brandefinition logo
                  Bovisa Ride the Wave logo
                  Hell-o-ween party
                  Supergrass festival official logo
                  Supergrass festival proposal
                  Supergrass festival proposal
                  Wist throw up logo
                  Works - logo for personal website
                  Modda Fucca type experiment
                  Dragon logo
                  Keep In Touch - logo
Dedicated to UMA.
Logos & Types vol.2

Logos & Types vol.2

Second collection of personal and client logos, types and ambigrams