Marble Madness : 2010
The Old Classic, reborn.
I have never been too much of a gamer, but when it comes to oldschool fun, I can't possibly say no. Marble Madness, when it first came out in the 80's for the Atari® 1 System, did not only have a consequent isometric design, it also came with the first stero music ever to appear on an arcade game. Pure 8-bit pleasure.

With a catchy name, a simple concept and a gaming experience, that was almost impossible to challenge the game quickly became one of my favorites.

So what started out with 3 intial and experimental artworks, turned into a small relaunch of an oldschool classic, visualizing it in todays times. With clean, resolution-independent 3-D vector graphics, instead of pixels.

Ienvision the game, being very adult and art oriented, paying hommage tosurrealist artists, such as M.C. Escher while delivering a hardcorelevel of difficulty.

All one could ever ask for.

º Initial Artwork No.1
∆ Possible Packaging (Blue Ray)
+ Artwork only
º Initial Artwork No.2
∆ Possible Packaging (Blue Ray)
+ Artwork only
º Initial Artwork No.3
∆ Possible Packaging (Blue Ray)
+ Artwork only
Software: Illustrator (The Atari® Logo of course, belongs to Atari)