Daily creative challenge: 
Day 0 - Rocket Ship
Challenge #1 - Fast food
Challenge #1 - Fast food I brought this into Aftereffects to add some Fast to the food :)
I don't use [Ae] enough and would love to learn more in that too
Challenge #2 Animal Companions Celtic Rabbits
Challenge #3 - Sports basketball
Challenge #4 Camping
Challenge #5 Favorite Fruit : I Thought I would try something a little more on the real side but still flat vector art. I created a pattern of a green droplet and used that to do the seed texture.
Challenge #6 Skyline: 
Show us your favourite city by designing a simple skyline using Adobe Illustrator CC.
I chose Dublin Bay I spend a lot of time commuting past here every day and capture some amazing sunrises.  You can see them on my Instagram 
I might try do some more work on this later but,
Im happy with how all the gradients are working out what do you think ? 
Here is a 180 Panoramic Photo of the Dublin Bay Summer 2017 at low tide to show what i was trying to draw :)
Challenge #7 Aquatic illustration:
Was going to do a diver but looked silly so then i spotted this jellyfish and thought the colors where amazing so i had to try it. I think it looks good. might have went a bit over board on the particles do. What do you think?

Challenge #8 Musical Instrument: Acoustic Guitar
Challenge #9 Create a selfie
# 9.5 : me from a few years ago think it looks a little more like me :)