Visual identity for KeHO Finland.

Concept: Marko Taali, Mikko Kalliola, Sanna Karppinen, Anna-Kaisa Reed, Christine Lehto
AD: Marko Taali
Graphic Designer: Anna-Kaisa Reed

"Wellbeing Expertise Centre of Central Finland KeHO brings together operators and experts on social welfare, healthcare and sports. With the help of interdisciplinary cooperation, we aim to improve and promote health and wellbeing.

Our goal is to make Central Finland an internationally competitive centre of wellbeing, health promotion, social welfare, sports, physical activity, rehabilitation, health-related business and research. KeHo is a newly founded network, and we aim to create a platform for cooperation, sharing information and strengthening the bond between different operators in the field.

KeHo benefits from the exceptional strengths of Central Finland: we excel in cooperation, research on social, health and sports sciences as well as other health-related matters, and have a wide variety of health-related businesses and third sector operators in the area. KeHo operates in six working groups (research, innovations, education, projects, communications and steering group)."
KeHO Finland