How to explain a social campaign to the Cannes audience
if it involved 5 million Twitter users in India? Our animation for The Social Street agency
about the Blood Donors was created as a case study. We wanted to present how to collect blood efficiently!

collage with the use of real footage video
After receiving video footage, we knew that the style must stand out and provide a suitable background
for the organisers' statements. This is why we've created a collage and an eclectic visual layer. We based
the design on monochrome pictures . For contrast, we used two distinguished dominants in the colour
palette - red, symbolising blood, and blue, as the recognisable symbol of Twitter.
Art Direction: Rafał Blecharz   |    Concept art: Krzysiek Bednarski
Design: Krzysiek Bednarski, Joanna Bernat, Gosia Jeniec  Copywriting: Maria Pawlikowska
Animation: Matt Jędrzejewski     |    Cel Animation: Dominik Bartosik
Sound Effects: Richard Francis    |    Sound Design: Studio Nagrywarka / Jan Kwapisz

Agency:    |    Creative Director - Smriti Shadra    |    Production House: Slum
Blood Donors