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    the conclusion of the collaboration between Pol and Sakiroo.
POL/SAKIROO ''Rock it'' 2012
A Collaboration between Pol & Sakiroo Choi
After a couple months of working together, Sakiroo and Pol achieved to complete their first collaboration project, ''ROCK IT'', bringing together with own perception of what they believe to be some of the greatest collaborations  in music from the last decades.
After cmpleting the images the project grew to something bigger, adding 8 more artists from each country to pull together the art show ''According To Them''. This show brought together the two countries by showing the perception of each countries popular icons through the eyes of the artists from the other country. there was also a mural painting done by 8 artists from Korea and Colobia. 
All of this will later be seen in the mini documentaries by Meta Cosmos and Carma Cobra coming soon.
To view the full collaboration click in the link below