A Sequence of Statements
A very short film about the eternal & infinite feeling of being looped

Hypnotism & Automatism. Functional Structures. Functionalism. 
Perfection: Useless, Worthless. 
Beauty: A combination of qualities that please the Aesthetic Sense. 
Magnificence & Refinement. Fuck Perfection, yes! fuck Perfection!
Solid basis, the quality of being Stable. 
Balance of mind... Stability, Prudence & Lucidity, Tediuos.
Perfection, monotonous. Common Sense, Boring.
Nonsense, a bad behavior...

Hypnotism & Automatism. Functional Structures. Functionalism...
Produced by: Playful
Written, Directed & Editorial by: Pablo Alfieri
3d Design by: Seba Morales
Animated by: Facu Labo
Sound Design by: Delirium deliriumdelirium.tv

A Sequence of Statements