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Tips To Successfully Pack A Master Bedroom
The master bedroom has a lot of personal items making this move a labor of love. You want to be certain to pack correctly and use the proper shipping supplies to ensure everything arrives in excellent condition. This includes many items such as your wardrobe, lamps, a television and your master bed.
Moving the Clothes
Since every part of a wardrobe can present a challenge you should get some wardrobe boxes prior to packing. These are specialty boxes to make hanging up your clothes easier due to the bar across the top of the box. To prevent wrinkles you need to leave gaps between your suits and dresses. Your most valuable pieces should be placed in garment bags whenever possible. High quality shoes should be individually wrapped with packing paper. This is similar to the paper found in new shoes. Nothing should be packed at the bottom of these boxes because these items can move while being transported and this can cause damage.
Disassembling Beds
All beds are constructed differently so it is important to pay attention to the details. The beds individual components can be effectively separated using Allen keys and power tools. It is critical to remember you will have to reassemble your bed while you are taking it apart. All the hardware should be stored together and whenever possible it should be attached to the bed.
If the bed has a complicated assembly blue painters tape can be effectively used to make instructional marks on the bed. This tape has a completely different appearance from the standard brown packing tape used by most movers. To make certain there is no damage to the material the bed is constructed from or the wood the bed should be wrapped in reverse. The non sticky part of the tape should be wrapped around the surface. Wrapping the tape a second times ensures you get the desired effect without any stickiness. The empty roll from the tape is an excellent place to store small hardware and screws used for the bed and can be taped right up the sides.
Dressers and Drawers
Items in addition to your wardrobe and bed will also need to be moved. This includes the dresser and the drawers. These can be moved fairly easily. It is important to remove everything stored on the draws prior to moving the dresser. This will prevent any collision caused by the contents of the drawers. These items can be wrapped in blankets designed for moving and placed on a dolly.
Large pieces of artwork will require a picture box. This is an excellent way to move decorations on the walls with the risk of damage. Bubble wrap should be used for picture frames and fragile items should be placed small boxes. China boxes work extremely well.
Common Items
There are numerous household items in a bedroom such as lamps, televisions and side tables. These items must well padded and packed to avoid damage and possible breakage.