Minimal Mine, a modern family interior
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Minimal mine

Minimalist interior design of an apartment for a young family with two children by ZOOI studio.
The young couple wanted the leaders of ZOOI to show modern and comfortable design solutions for their new interior.
The design project has been appreciated and published by several European design magazines.
COVETED Edition - Great Britain
Minimal mine: Interior of an individual flat in modern style by ZOOI studio
COVETED Edition - Great Britain
Minimal mine: Combination of one-bedroom and three-bedroom apartment with many individual decisions for this modern interior by ZOOI designers
COVETED Edition - Great Britain
Minimal mine: Modern family interior by the designers of ZOOI studio, Maxim Doschinsky and Pavel Voytov
The bedroom interior is welcoming and modern; in detail a wall-mounted Tv, floral decorations, and the purple armchair from the German factory Walter Knoll.

The dressing room has an opened structure and is separated from the bedroom by an elegant sliding glass door.
The master bedroom has a cutting-edge, minimal and modern design. Immediately inside the bedroom there is a spacious bathroom with a shower box. A glass partition then divides it with a dressing room and a studio.
Near the bed two monkey-shaped designer lamps from the Italian factory Seletti light up the sleeping area; in addition, the black wooden bedside table, created especially by ZOOI designers and where the theme of the cage is repeated, works as support for a decorative plant. The office interior can be seen from the massive mirror behind the bed.

Within the studio the design is accurate and tidy. For more privacy the designers Pavel Voytov and Maxim Doschinsky have also decided to include a tent which covers the entrance and one side of the wall.
Even the bathroom has a minimal, modern and elegant style and is separated from the bedroom thanks to a glass wall. The copper washbasin comes from a collection of the company Superfront.
Detail of the designer purple chairs from the Swedish factory Bla Station in the studio and on the right the tent, superimposable on the huge glass from which you can see the interior of the bedroom.

Two rooms are for the children aged 5 and 7 that ZOOI designers, at the request of the new owners of the house, created very similar to each other in the choice of furnishings, colors and design.

For the active children, the designers Pavel Voytov and Maxim Doschinsky provided an original climbing wall, using also bright and positive colors.The wardrobe is positioned on the wall on one side of the bed, next to the door.

In one of the two rooms the bed was placed in the middle, next to which there's an owl-shaped lamp from the factory Karman and the climbing wall extending up to the roof.
The second bedroom has in the bunk bed the only difference from the first one. Here, too, a large wooden bookcase contains books and a huge blackboard beside the window, and a world map has been created on one of the walls.
The bunk bed seems almost suspended in the air, and through a ladder you can reach the upper portion fenced by cordons similar to those used in the children playgrounds. Next to the bed once again a lamp from the factory Karman, this time in the shape of a deer.
In both rooms for the children, a bright space near the window is occupied by a chair with a simple and functional design and the desk coming from the Italian factory Calligaris.

For the living room ZOOI designers projected 3D models of the wall panels and selected the material for the realization of the wall decor. A spacious and soft sofa connects the open space consisting of kitchen and living room.
To make the interior more interesting and natural, ZOOI designers have placed in the kitchen and in the living room respectively white and black decorative panels which imitate a massive rough stone. This result was achieved after a careful work on the sketches and on the relief of the panels themselves.
The living room interior has has a minimalist style and looks warm and tidy. The natural light penetrates thanks to a large window, the furniture includes a wall-mounted Tv under which some floral decorations are located on a wooden support and, on the right side, the original blue armchair in the shape of a cage created by ZOOI interior studio near the black decorative panels in the shape of a massive stone.
Architectural design and compositional techniques reveal the idea of the authors. The owners of this apartment were ready for experiments and ZOOI studio offered them
the concept of the interior and many original design solutions. Further work became even more interesting and inspired the creation of new ideas.
On the background of the black decorative panels there is the blue armchair called Bird's Cage, created by Pavel Voytov and Maxim Doschinsky specifically for this apartment. Comfortable and spacious, it has the shape of a cage fenced by a metal frame.
Thanks to the combination of a three-bedroom and one-bedroom apartment, this flat  turned out into a large space that the designers tried to harmoniously fill, fitting at the same time everything and leaving enough free space.

Among ZOOI's solutions there are the lucid wall cupboards made of perforated copper. 
To illuminate the kitchen, and the open space as well, the white technical lamps from the Austrian factory XAL were chosen.
The kitchen, functional and very well equipped, is entirely from the famous Italian factory Minacciolo. The main table is in the middle and a bar area acts also as a working surface for cooking or to have breakfast.
Thanks to the unification of the flats and the complete replanning, was found place for the second guest bathroom and a laundry room.

The modern guest bathroom, composed also by a shower box, has been decorated by ZOOI designers in white and emerald green that give a sense of liveliness and energy.
Domus Design - Ukraine
Minimal mine: modern interior with a lot of exclusive design solutions by ZOOI
Domus Design - Ukraine
Minimal mine: functional benefits and beauty of the minimalist style in the interior design
Domus Design - Ukraine
Minimal mine: To create this interior the designers Pavel Voytov and Maxim Doschinsky merged a one-bedroom and three-bedroom apartment
Domus Design - Ukraine
Minimal mine: the master bedroom composed by a separated bathroom, an office and a dressing room
Minimal Mine, a modern family interior

Minimal Mine, a modern family interior


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