Minimal Mine, a modern family interior
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COVETED Edition - Great Britain
Minimal mine: Interior of an individual flat in modern style by ZOOI studio
COVETED Edition - Great Britain
Minimal mine: Combination of one-bedroom and three-bedrooms apartments with many individual decisions for this modern interior by ZOOI designers
COVETED Edition - Great Britain
Minimal mine: Modern family interior by the designers of ZOOI studio, Maxim Doschinsky and Pavel Voitov
The dressing room has an opened structure.
One room has become a master bedroom with a study, a shower room and a wardrobe.
Cabinet and shower are separated from the bedroom by glass. Also near the bed the lamp "monkey" Seletti.
Here's the copper washbasin next to the master bedroom Superfront.

The purple chairs in the office of Bla Station.

Two rooms are for their children aged 5 and 7; for them the customers asked to create similar bedrooms in the design.
For the active children, designers Pavel Voitov and Maxim Doschinsky provided stairs on the walls and even on the ceiling.
In such an unusual way, children can move from one place to another. 

In the rooms for children particular lamps (deer and owl) Karman.
The chairs at the desk Calligaris.
For the living room the designers projected 3D models of the wall panels. Then they selected the material for the realization of this wall decor.

Architectural design and compositional techniques that reveal the idea of authors. The owners of this apartment were ready for experiments. ZOOI studio offered 
the concept of the interior and customers immediately agreed with all the 
solutions of designers. Further work became even more interesting and inspired the creation of original solutions.
In the interior there are many author's works of ZOOI studio, as the blue armchair Bird's Cage,
Thanks to the combination of two-bedroom and one-bedroom apartments, it turned out into a large space in which designers could fit everything and leave enough freedom.
Among ZOOI's solutions there are: a kitchen cabinet with a copper case, perforated facades and bedside tables.
Thanks to the unification of the flats and the complete replanning, was found place for the second guest bathroom and a laundry room.