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SEO optimize your website for voice search
These days, the proliferation of voice search devices means that the world of SEO and making sure your website is optimized is changed again. Just like when SEO first became a thing that people with their own websites had to worry about and then changed again when mobile searches outdistanced desktop searches, the world has changed. Voice technology has been added to smartphones, devices added to TVs, separate units that can sit on a table or counter and they are become more and more a part of everyone's lives. That means to get your site and your products to show up for voice search, you have to optimize your website so that they show up.

Optimizing your website for voice search means you have to really start thinking about what people might actually ask when they look for whatever it is your website is about. How would someone look for your business with their voice? More than likely, they would ask a question. They would want to know how to find X in this particular Y location. That means you, as a website developer and site manager for your business need to think of your entire website, including the product pages, as if it were an FAQ. Include questions with the corresponding answer right in the pages.
These days, creating a web page that asks questions and answers them also helps get you to the top of the search ladder by creating what Google calls a "snippet." If you do a search and you see a question asked and a list of questions as one of the top searches, then you've seen a snippet. By visualizing your website in a question and answer format, means you stand a better chance of ending up as a snippet, which puts your site at the top of the search list.

The key to making this question and answer format work is brevity. You do not want long answers. Short questions followed by short, one to two sentence answers is more likely to create a page that becomes a snippet.
Localize, localize, localize. If someone is sitting at home and decides to use one of their voice search devices, they are more likely to ask something like: "where's an XYZ store near me." Localizing your website has never been more important than it it now in the age of voice searches. Make sure to claim the Google My Business listing, for example, so you show up in their voice searches. You can also add phrases such as the words "near me" to your website, meta descriptions, page titles and other areas to make sure you and your business shows up to the people nearest you when they do a voice search.

Voice searches are done with individual devices, but still done most often with mobile phones. Already, mobile searches out-pace desktop searches. Make sure your website is optimized for mobile right now, to start things off. How do your pages look when looked at on a mobile device? If they don't look mobile optimized, then get to work.

These are just a few steps you can take to make sure your website is voice search optimized.