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    The R-series office products were designed for Erich Krause in 2006 and was launched by since 2008.
R-series stapler and puncher for Erich Krause
RedDot Design Award Winner 2010
TheR-series has been designed by Studio Designet in 2007 and launched toproduction by Erich Krause in 2008.

Stapler was designed to fit the hand in amost natural way, and its ergonomic shape was developed to provide maximumgrip. The non-slippery base of puncher and integrated ruler allow for preciseeffortless work with documents. The plastic body is fitted over a lightenedsteel frame, saving material and providing extra strength without addingweight. All moving parts are concealed and the coating prevents fingers frombeing jammed. A two-tone styling finishes the look, giving the R-series a design that fits both upmarket and basic work environments.

The R-series got RedDot Design Award in 2010.

Project team:
Alexander Matveyev - conсept, art direction, product development
Vladimir Samoylov - design
Vyacheslav Lavrentiev - CAD
Vladimir Plehanov - render