In the following I would like to show you some photographs from a recent assignment which I did as mining photographer in Indonesia for the coal industry. 

My client was ROCKTREE, a global, Singapore based logistics company with maritime operations in Kalimantan the Indonesian part of the island of Borneo. 

Assignments relating to photography for Indonesia’s coal mining industry always come with a degree of adventure. I can go to far-flung places and I am privileged to visit places that are off limits for anyone who is not involved in one way or another in the mining industry.

This photo gig took me to Samarinda, the capital city of East Kalimantan province – on the island of Borneo.

My work almost exclusively to place on the water. Partly on the Mahakam river, Indonesia’s largest river and the other part offshore. About 40 nautical sea miles (about 75 km) there is an anchorage point where the coal is loaded onto larger and very large vessels to shipped to destinations around the world.

Let's see the pictures: 

Drone view of a coal loading terminal - offshore
Cargo ships at an offshore anchorage in Indonesia
Coal transshipment in Indonesia - drone view
More drone views
Aerial shot of offshore coal loading
Seamen at work
Tug boat with barge at open seas
Coal loading action
on board a floating coal terminal in South East Asia
spectacular drone view of coal loading in Indonesia
Tug boat
Crew at work
Floating crane at sea
Tug & Barge
Coal loading at the open sea in Kalimantan Indonesia
A moment of relaxing
I hope you have enjoyed the photographs of my latest adventure photographing for the coal mining industry in Kalimantan. Please feel free to leave a comment below. 

To learn more about my work as a mining photographer in Indonesia and for the more pictures and the whole story please visit my blog.


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At Sea again



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