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    2012 European Championship / Textile Designs. German Bauhaus experiments, moodboards & proposals for UMBRO®. All Images by C.Ruprecht / © UMBRO
Bauhaus Experiments
(Case Study)
European Championship 2012
In 2010 was invited by UMBRO to do some illustration work.Topics in the briefing were Germany, their last 1996 European 
Championship win and Bauhaus as something that has a signifcant german visual language. I enjoyed the challenge, for I have never really done anything close to bauhaus before. All designs are supposed to work either with 3- or 1 color print.

Following you'll find the first proposals and some experiments  that I did for the project. All of which in the end were denied,
but I still love the minimalism throughout the work, and enjoy the over all feel of it, so here it is:

Hope you like it!

1. "Golden Goal 96/ Kandinski" 

The first time the rule for golden goal came into play and with it one
of the most important moments for Germany, 
in the 96 European Championships in England.
2. " Repeat the Dream I"

Based mostly on type and a couple of
extra elements to achieve a modern bauhaus look.
3. "Repeat the Dream II" 

Based mostly on type and a couple of
extra elements to achieve a modern bauhaus look.
4. " Europameister"

Elegant, focussing on bauhaus. Being on top of it, Victory.
Well engineered, structured, german.
5. "To new heights"

Rather surreal and emotional piece, capturing
the feeling of rising up after a winning streak. Pushed by their fans the players go beyond their limits.
6. "Corner Kick"

Focussing on bauhaus and patterns,
triangles inspired by an older jersey of the national team. Corner kicks require german precision. 
Works great as all over print, i.e. switching the player displayed every 3rd tile or so.
Thank you for scrolling!

Christoph Ruprecht