OEX-B Futuristic Overland Vehicle
Envisioning the future of Touristic Overland Expedition in 2020. Developed in collaboration with FITA, IVECO design center in 2009 under the supervision of Peter Jansen, design director of Fiat commercial vehicles.
The main focus of design is on providing the passengers the best visibility for sightseeing, by using some innovative solutions such as a big porthole with the seats facing the sides of the road to have a panoramic view, or a rear hatch on the vehicle's tail and a sunroof in the front part.

the OEX comes in different versions & configurations, each one specialized for a certain type of trip in a certain climate.

All the version of the OEX, share the same platform, composed of chassis and hybrid system assisted by a diesel generator categorizing it as a Range-Extended Electric Vehicle (REEV). Thus the OEX, runs on a Drive-By-Wire platform.

OEX-B Futuristic Overland Vehicle