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    a personal visual identity. it's minimal so i'll keep the description the same :]
the whole package.
a different perspective.
the symbol, the basic color pallette and the logotype.
well what do you know! it meant something. stimulus - i can work with that. this is actualy a display of the typography i will be using.
visual: the robot on ф.
visual: the brain on ф.
visual: the heart on ф.
visual: фception.
the symbol. on the back of the business card.
one of the many patterns.
and another one.
web mockup.
the entire one page web site, top down. the individual pages are 100% screen width with a fixed menu. and the best part - no scroll.
mobile web mockup.
the entire mobile web site. it's a strippred down, informative version of the desktop version.