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The method of Heaven & Earth to restore lost Qi
Thiên Địa Phục Khí Pháp (The method of Heaven & Earth to restore lost Qi)
In today’s age, medicine is a huge part of our lives. With the development of Western medicine, almost all kinds of diseases can be quickly treated through the combination of artificial chemicals. There is good, there is bad. Good because of the Western medicine heals quickly, timely, scientifically. However, the abuse of these drugs is not rare, which leads to antibiotic resistance, the patient just can wait to death.

Although Western school of medicine heals fast, but Is the root of life & death just a single prescription of drug, when the disease has emitted? The ancient sages taught that human beings must know to preserve their energy and balance their blood so that evil energy can not penetrate the body. That advice contains many ideas about the origin of Chinese medicine, how to preserve energy, how to keep Qi, what is evil energy?

“The method of Heaven & Earth to restore lost Qi” is a book that covers the basic phylosophy of ancient Chinese regarding body purifying and evil energy purging methods.
The method of Heaven & Earth to restore lost Qi
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