Character Design for Rise of Third Power
Rise of Third Power (R3P) is an indie game developed by Stegosoft Games on the RPG Maker engine. During the creation of their first game, Ara Fell, the idea behind R3P was already growing within the creator's mind. When CDS approached them regarding any character design or CG work in 2016, they decided to work with us to develop the character designs of their next game. 
Provided with a bunch of old character design and pixel art (which won't be posted online here), CDS set off to do up modern character designs for them. Due to the distance of time between when we first started and the Kickstarter, the final versions of the character design will differ between what we've delivered and the final ingame version. The character designs shown here are the original ones that was completed back in 2016.
Rowan VanLostia
Age: 39
Weapons: Pistol and saber.
Outfit: Pirate coat and tall boots. No hat or eyepatch.
Hair: Brown, medium to long in length. Some facial hair.
Personality: Fought in the Great War years ago. Retired, became an alcoholic, took up piracy to pay the bills. Likely has visible scars. He's often kind of annoyed by what's happening around him. Kind of character that smirks a lot, or makes a rude comment while grinning. Based loosely on Spike from Cowboy Bebop.
Corrina Aiya Tourea
Age: 19
Weapons: Dual daggers.
Outfit: The outfit included in the concept art for Corrina is pretty close. She comes from the desert, so she dresses light, and her skin is tan.
Hair: Blond, short and cute.
Personality: Grew up after the war on the streets. Feisty attitude. Short temper, loves adventure. Based loosely on Lina Inverse from Slayers.

Notes: The final version of Corrina within the game has been changed to have a more tan complexion. Her costume also comes with sleeves now.
Princess Arielle
Princess mode
Rocket Launcher mode
Age: 17
Weapons: She doesn't fight on her own, but when she's forced to early in the game, she's given a rocket launcher!
Outfit: Begins the game in her royal wedding dress, but is given adventuring gear later.
Hair: Brown. High ponytail.
Personality: Sheltered, stuck up, never been out of the castle. Talks down to people a lot (but it's used in a way that's supposed to be funny, rather than mean). Has a good heart, and eventually comes to like the other members of the party.
Early version
Age: 32
Weapon: Fairly simple priestess staff. She's a healer and uses holy magic.
Outfit: Priestess outfit. Something relatively simple.
Hair: Long and curly. Preferably blond.
Personality: Very sweet and feminine (probably similar to an older Inori Aizawa).
Age: 33
Weapons: None, uses bare hands. Channels dark magic (maybe indicated by fists glowing purple or black).
Outfit: It's hard to see, but something kind of like this.
Hair: Your choice. White or black.
Personality: Clearly evil, very self-serving. Joins the player's party strictly for personal reasons, and finds it in his best interest to help them.

Notes: The final version of Aden has a very different color scheme!
Age: 41
Weapon: Scimitar and musket.
Outfit: Similar to this.
Hair: Short or bald. Should have a big beard and/or mustache.
Personality: Decorated military commander of the first war. Very noble, honorable, fights clean. Opposite of Rowan. Loosely based on Alex Louis Armstrong from Full Metal Alchemist.
Age: 27
Weapon: Rapier and Parrying Dagger
Outfit: Feminine adventuring gear.
Hair: Long, red. Sexy.
Personality: Coy, cunning, uses her beauty to get her way.

Notes: Natasha also had a change in hair color in the final version.
Age: 30
Weapon: Sword and Shield.
Outfit: Only character that wears full armor and a cape. Purple is the color of his homeland.
Hair: Short to medium. Dark.
Personality: Cold, emotionless. Begins game as one of the villains but joins the party later on.
Here is the final character designs that was unveiled by Stegosoft. They asked us if they can make edits on their end. Something which we don't really mind since it's their characters! After all, we did the character design one year before. Since then, there might have been changes to the story that require new edits to the original character designs. 
Final version of all the characters
This is the original key visual that was sent to them. Additional backgrounds and character design edits are all done on the Stegosoft end to amazing results. 
Posters designed featuring the original character design artworks
Rise of Third Power launched its Kickstarter on 20 Mar 2018 and was successfully funded on 8 Apr 2018. As of 19 Apr 2018, the Kickstarter raised a total of 14,166 USD. We wish Stephen and the rest of the Stegosoft development team all the best in making the game a reality! 
Lead character designer: Low Zi Rong
Additional assistance: Saiseki and Tan Hui Tian
Account Management: KC Ng

Character Design for Rise of Third Power

Character Design for Rise of Third Power

CDS did the initial character designs for indie game, Rise of Third Power which was successfully kickstarted.


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