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    limited edition packaging for cadbury assorted chocolate
The brief is to develop a packaging for a new product of Cadbury assorted chocolate product to be sold in higher price
The problem is Cadbury brand doesn't have the proper image to go expensive, and i personally think Cadbury doesn't tastes that good to be expensive. So if i can't play with the brand image, i think i can try to make the packaging worth keeping to make people interested in buying. The point is to differentiate this new chocolate with existing normal Cadbury chocolate.

Why golden moments? As from my thinking process, i try to go back to the root with a question "why do people buy expensive chocolate?". 
I think, most of people buy expensive chocolate for special occasion (give to someone else or when they feel happy). So it's about moment, people give it to someone else on special moments (date, give rewards), or because they feel happy after an unforgettable moment (achievement, romantic, togetherness).
The idea is to encourage people to appreciate the great moments.
To add the point of interest, the packaging can also be used as a photo-frame (related with the concept).
The outer container are handmade of acrylic material.