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    The main goal of the Random Thoughts project is to have fun with words and paper.
The main goal of the Random Thoughts project is to have fun with words and paper.
This a participative project: order the generator, once you’ve enjoyed it you can write your random thought on the postcard attached and send it back for free so it will be featured in the project. You will receive a tracking number so you could look for your thought on the website.
It’s all about having discovering, sharing and having fun.
The idea for this project came along when I was working on «not to be read» my final school project in editorial design and global communication. I was interested by how people go throught a book and find their way among all the information it contains. I came up with the idea of a book with multiple entries and it is all about what people feel, think and travel inside the book I felt like my idea needed to become real as well.
Please visit us at : www.randomthoughtsproject.com
Some explanations:
The generator is distributed in Utrecht and Amsterdam area, in the street directly to the people, in shops and stores where people can help themself, and at several place among the cities (hanging in trees, ...).
It is also available on the website to order for you, your friends or family.
And it’s all free. Because discovery has no price. It’s a whole package, so you get the generator with its informative tag attached and a postcard (the stamp is already paste on it).
The object:
The generator is a multi-entries book you can access by one of its four corners. It is a good way to experience how you travel inside the pages and the aim is to create funny sentences.
There is more than a hundred combinations possible.
The starting point:
This is the first edition, low budget and black and white, to try to catch the attention before we take a step further. As we wanted to create something free we had to reduced the cost of the making process, so everything is handmade.If this goes well we are thinking about looking for partnership and subventions/donations, to create a colored version and some limited editions like the «Holidays Random Thoughts» generator or the «Rainy days thoughts» generator. Well, we have plenty of ideas !
The website:
There is also a website which is acting like a community. If you sent back the post card with your favorite thought (one you create with the book or another that comes from you mind), you thought will be featured on the website.
By leaving your email adress, we will send you a tracking number so you can find easily your thought on the website.
Then you can print your thought, share it through social medias or send it by email to someone.