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    Complete Collection iOS10 & iOS11 Icons of Native Apps in vector Illustrator file format (.Ai)
Hello Designers! 

Its time to give away! As a perfectionist I had to redraw some native iOS icons and design original ones in order to match exact style which were given in Human Interface Guideline for my projects. And every time when I wanted to find free Native Icons on the internet there were NO or were only a few of them and unfortunately with NO precision and accuracy. Which is very prominent when the App you are designing is in its initial life stage or if it has to strictly match to Native Style. 
Now I've redrawn all of them (more than 500) with a pixel-perfect accuracy (at least I tried my best) in order to save your time. 

I'd like to share with you a Complete Collection of iOS10 & iOS11 icons from Native Apps for Free.
Most of them has outlined raw versions which will give you a chance to design your own icons using ready outlines and shapes.
By now they are all in Illustrator format. Later I'll post link for Photoshop file.
I've used iPhone 5 & iPhone X screenshots for iOS10 & iOS11. And some icons have duplicate versions with small differences because I found out that Apple uses different sizes in different places where I had to draw all icons from almost every screen again and again.

Enjoy it!
Here I've shown not the all icons I have, but there are more icons in Illustrator file.
If you still can not find some icons from Native Apps then you can just send me iOS10 & iOS11 screenshots and email me then I'll draw it for you and update the file (I've taken only the screenshots which I could take maximum)
Later as soon as possible I'll post PSD files. To be noticed of updates follow me here and my Facebook page.
PS: I had to release this RAW Illustrator file as quick as possible, I'll edit it later and update.
If you have any questions, ideas or suggestions about resources where I can share this file, please write me.

This file is only for personal use and can not be reproduced. Copyright belongs to Apple Inc.

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