Long story short
Hexis Technology Hub is a Portuguese software house wanting to distance itself from its competitors because of its more extroverted, relaxed and rebellious company culture — contrasting with the more corporate vision of traditional software company. The client was looking for a logo capable of conveyed this unique identity, playing with the notion and imagery of ​​hacker culture.
Our identity concept bases itself upon these three main pillars.
Symmetry: using symmetrical shapes to convey quality, seriousness and rigorous working processes.
Geometrical Adaptability: the idea of using the logo as the base for various dynamic elements. These elements should work together to create a symbolic language capable of shaping the brand identity.
Exploration: we aimed for a brand explores different possibilities and is not afraid to take risks.
The Grid
First, we started by defining a grid where all the symbols of the brand universe would be built on. We chose to use an isometric grid of 30 degrees to maintain a good balance between both axes; we have also defined some rules for these symbols:
1- Vertex must pre-exist in the grid;
2- At least two other vertices must connect all vertices of the outer shape;
3- Symbols must be symmetrical.
The Main Symbol
The main symbol was created based on a symbolic representation of each of the brand's values.
A logo with symmetrical typography but round enough to convey a little humanity and proximity, followed by the central element. This element was based on a hexagon which was also used as the basis of the branding language. We also decided to apply a glow to the logo and use a dark background to convey a certain idea of ​​technology.

The Symbolic Language of the Brand
With the idea of ​​building an entire symbolic universe for the brand that reinforces the concept of ​​hacker culture, several symbols were created to be used in various situations.
Hexis | Branding

Hexis | Branding


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