Annamika App
Press Release
Meditative and visually stunning, Catherine Huberts artwork in the Annamika application stimulates both the eyes and the intellect. Based on the high-performance OpenGL engine of Scott Collards Kaleidoscope X, the app also takes full advantage of the iPads interactive nature and its ability to showcase artwork.

Touch and drag to rotate one of the constantly morphing images, pinch to zoom in or out, or tap twice to change the full-screen image to the classic kaleidoscope circle. Speed and color can be changed, and screen shots can be saved to the users photo library. The app also takes advantage of the iPads new VGA-connector option and delivers live video at the devices native 1024×768 resolution. Essentially it turns the iPad into a Video-DJ tool.
Screen shot from Bangkok.
Screen Shot from Venice.
Screen shot from New Delhi.
From Cool Hunting article, using an image from users iPhoto gallery.
From Gizmodo article, using an image from users iPhoto library.
Annamika iPad app