Mena Transport 2018 (UITP)
UITP : (Union Internationale des Transports Publics) is the International Association of Public Transport and a passionate champion of sustainable urban mobility. It is the only worldwide network to bring together all public transport stakeholders and all sustainable transport modes.

Still From The Project ..
Map and Traffic Simulation :
For the main Dubai map , I export OSM file from open street map , then import it to houdini to clean it and extract some information from it , like building and streets , and control each part alone .
Then for the traffic simulation , i scatter points on the street curve and move it randomly and continuously in vex code .

Final Video ....
Project : Mena Transport  2018 (UITP) .
Post Production Company : Real Image TV Production (Dubai). 
Director : Majdi Mirza
Art Director - TD /  Shading.Lighting-Rendering.Compositing and Motion Graphics : Nour Almasri

Lead Animation  : Osama Hwijeh :
Motion Graphics Artist  : Arun Roush .
Modeling  : Jaymie San Miguel  - Ibrahim zainuddin  .
End Logo :  Radhesh Krishna .
Software : Houdini - Maya - After Effects 
Renderer : Redshift .

Mena Transport 2018 (UITP)