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    iPhone app that utilizes OpenGLES programmable shaders to emulate the "very analog", peel-apart 4x5 medium format instant camera.
Not only did I want to make a camera app that emulated peel-apart pack film 'roid cameras, I wanted it to work like a camera. Most photography apps are hopelessly modal.  A maze of twisty modal dialogs that look all alike. I decided to rebuild FotoRoid from the ground up using the real-time programmable shader pipeline in OpenGLES 2.0.  The only modal view in FR200 is the email view (a system provided view).

Unlike most photography apps, FotoRoid works like a physical camera. Once you set it up with film, a lens, etc. you can proceed with shooting a bazillion pictures. For some FX, like fisheye lens warping, having the FX function in real time allows the photographer to frame the subject compensating for the optical distortion of the lens.