What is Educated&?
The Educated& Campaign is JCYC San Francisco College Access Center's official t-shirt line that attempts to highlight the historical backgrounds and identities of our students and is inclusive of students and their education. This empowering line offers inclusive slogans to promote education for all. We offered our participants scholarships to assist them further in the college process. Students used this money in their senior year or in college, for additional college app fees, housing deposits, or textbooks. We recognize that financial barriers have deterred our students from completing the college process and saw this scholarship as providing holistic services to our student participants.
Educated& inspired by a series of political fashion by Philadelphia Printworks, Oaklandish, CoolHunting. 
Educated& titles
We chose these titles because they are important in building marginalized and unrepresented communities up. These words are powerful and help become conversation starters.
Black. Educator. Empowered. Womxn. Brown. Latinx. Queer. Unapologetic. Resisting.
Design Development
Support for Educated&
Educated& has distributed over 200+ products. We have raised over $2,000 for low income, first generation students. We have been able to fundraise and create a movement because people love being able to represent who they are. Our social media campaigns have been the driving force for our fundraiser.