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CORVIN: The bamboo Carry-on

Industrial Design


The Corvin Carry-on was inspired by the Golden Age of Travel when suitcases were beautiful, romantic and told a story. In a world filled with an abundance of functional yet ordinary suitcases, we wanted to build something more than a box on wheels that most of us hide under our beds. We wanted to build an experience, one where bamboo and aluminium blends beauty and functionality into an iconic design. 

The three most important attributes of any carry-on are its weight, volume and robustness. A manufacturing challenge optimised by using one of nature's most impressive natural resources: bamboo. 
Reinforced by an aluminium chassis, the Corvin Carry-On is as tough as any hardshell suitcase but with the look and feel of a designer piece of furniture. 

From the beginning we wanted our handle to be the central element of the Corvin Carry-On. With this in mind we designed our carry-on around the handle and not vice versa as most suitcase manufacturers do. The Corvin Handle has been engineered to offer a single mechanism to: lift, open and pull your suitcase. It is the suitcase's mission control centre and the secret ingredient to our unique design.

CORVIN: The bamboo Carry-on