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    A branding concept for the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden.
I am extremely attached to Minneapolis and it’s many treasures so when I was charged to rebrand a museum I knew that the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden would be perfect. The garden doesn’t currently having its own branding because it’s owned by the Walker Arts Center, so part of the challenge of this project was to keep a consistent look and feel between the Sculpture Garden and the Walker Arts Center but also to differentiate the Sculpture Garden because people often visit the garden separately from the museum.
Application Guide
This project involved an application guide component that was meant to be given to users to show them what they could and could not do with the branding elements. From this application guide I also created promotional materials for the garden.
The final branding of the garden really pays homage to the pieces in the garden itself as they are pictured in the variations of the logos. One can definitely tell that there is a relationship between the Walker Arts Center and the Sculpture Garden because of the graphic bar across the logos which is characteristic of the Walker, and also the similar contemporary typefaces.
application guide
outdoor banners
shopping bags