Heaven Design - Self Branding.
With my surname being Heaven, the choice of name came fairly easy. I chose to go by my surname and not my first name or full name purely because of the fact it is more memorable. 
Being the last Heaven in my family, I would also like the name to live on when I do eventually change it, and the perfect way would be through my designs.
For the over all look, I wanted to give a nod to my love for intricacy and simplicity at the same time, the black background and rose gold colour scheme reflects contrast - rose gold having an important, personal meaning to myself, as well as looking classic, timeless and showing my aim of creating things of beauty that stand out.

My monogram logo was designed once again to reflect intricacy and simplicity  - its a simple concept with a calligraphic flare, reflected by my love of hand lettering and type. I wanted something that I could easily transfer from digital to print, and would fit on many different types of document and presentation platforms.
Here I have added a metallic finish to my logo for use on social media sites.