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    Various letterpress projects.
I got into letterpress because I’ve always been really interested in the history of design. I took the class my junior year of college and fell in love with the vintage look of the letters. I use letterpress throughout my personal brand, and I think that the nicks and scratches in the type give designs a lot of character.
setting type in the letterpress studio
Although the process for each piece is different, the process for my Up Movie poster was really intricate even though the poster is a relatively simple layout. We only used four ink colors, and this meant that we had to layer the letterpress pieces directly over their first imprint as we reinked them in a different color. This process took a lot of concentration because I needed to remember what colors were going on which letters.
the poster set on the press
the first three colors
up movie poster
detail of up movie poster
class "urbanity" postcard set
my "urbanity" postcard
Book Arts
In addition to learning how to work a letterpress machine and set type, I learned a lot of book binding techniques through letterpress. For the “Good versus Evil” project we used an accordian book-binding technique.
good versus evil book
my harry potter "good" page
my harry potter "evil" page
valentine cards