Helion | UST Projector
2018 Concept Design |  Jason Luo

Helion is an ultra short throw projector, which aims to change a bedroom into a home theater, bringing users a wonderful movie experience by transferring small screens from smartphone and other devices into a 100 inch huge projection on bedroom ceiling.

Supported by wireless projection and gesture recognition technology, Helion possesses the ability to project smart devices' screen synchronously onto ceiling through simply wireless transmission, and allow users operating projected screens through gesture control.

Have you ever watched videos on smartphone or pad in your bed, and think it would be nice to see the screen bigger, with your hands freely and comfortably lying on bed. Actually many people think just like you, and they have some interesting ideas. Here are some examples from the Internet:

"I don't know if this has ever been mentioned before or anyone has tried it.... but, I'd like to know if it was possible to mount a TV onto the ceiling whereas when your laying down in bed you can just look up at the ceiling and watch it."
-- By Jerky2002 on Big screen forums

"I'm considering building a really weird setup at home: A projector will project on the ceiling above my bed. From the bed, I'd watch movies, read e-books, and even play mouse-only games." 
-- By Dan on Tomsharware

"I would like to watch stuff whilst lying down. Any reason why I couldn't simply put a projector vertically and display stuff on the ceiling? "
-- By Elh on Ars technica

"Why has no one made a device to project e-books onto the ceiling? Who wouldn't love to lie in bed and read?"
-- By Deleted on Reddit

 Statements above gave me some inspiration, later I started this project, trying to design a ceiling projection device.

Watching videos with iphone in beds
Picture from Unsplash | Photo by Bruno Cervera

Research indicated that a traditional projectors has limitations of projection distance and projection angle for the ceiling projection task. This restricts its placement and makes the keystone correction an inevitable trick, which reduces picture quality. This is definitely something we don't want it happen.

On the other hand, an ultra short throw projector does not have these limitations, making it an ideal option for ceiling projection. As the ultra short throw technique become more popular and been commonly used on projectors, the exploration of its application possibilities in different area would be the next important issue. Therefore, this is an opportunity to find a new chance, making ultra short throw projectors an innovative solution of size limitation of screens on beds, brings users a better viewing experience.


Helion is a vertical projected ultra short throw projector, which possesses the ability to project user's mobile phone screen synchronously onto ceiling through wireless transmission, and allow users operating projected screens through gesture control. Helion provides a 100 inch full HD projection with adjustable brightness, allow users lie comfortably in bed enjoying wide screen in day and night.

Helion includes ceiling light into its composition, making it look like a furniture, also greatly simplified bedroom ceiling. Users can easily control light and projection through app with smartphones. It ensures the richness of light to prevent pupil dilation and avoid retina damage when users stare at phones. 

Double 10W HiFi speakers and passive radiator with metal coating embedded on the side provides users a stereo sound experience.

With fixed angle and length of hanger, keystone correction and adjustment are unnecessary.
Indicator light and lens are located at top right corner under the machine. The larger lens mainly responsible for capturing pictures to users' face and activities on bed. The smaller twin lens are for motion detection.

According to BBC news and Business Insider UK, almost half (45%) of young people are checking their mobile phones on their bed, and almost all (94%) are on social media. The other common activities revealed include watching videos, video call and checking instant message. As a result, Helion optimizes its gesture control operability focusing on these activities for a better user experience.
Picture from Unsplash | Photo by Berwin Coroza

Helion's outer case is detachable and customizable. Fabric, marble and other materials can be applied to create various style according to domestic interior design and users' own preference.

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Helion | UST Projector

Helion | UST Projector

An ultra short throw projector, which aims to change a bedroom into a home theater.