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    Branding concept for a paperie shop.
The challenge of this project was to design an identity for the German word for owl “eule,” including imagery associated with owls. The largest charge of this project was to create a huge catalog of images use in the creation of the logo.
I started brainstorming by creating word webs of ideas that I associate with the owl. I thought of intelligence and wisdom right off the bat, but dug a little deeper and decided that a handmade paper store with a natural look would be extremely emotive of the image of an owl.
I chose to explore many different types of mediums and create a huge library of sketches. I created over one hundred different owls in marker, pencil, and even wildly enough whiteout. These sketches helped me to stretch my ideas long before I began on the computer. 
The final branding for Eule Paperie was geared towards a female population in their late twenties and older. The store’s only hypothetical location is in San Francisco, and all of the papers are from local mills. The branding of the store matches this local feel, with a very natural and hand made looking design scheme.
letterhead, business card, envelope
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