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    Branding concept for an Italian Restaurant
This branding scheme started as a project to create a logo from a unique medium. After creating a logo I was to create a brand that spoke with the help of the characteristics of the logo initially created.
I gathered all sorts of spices, flowers, fruits, and vegetables to sketch from. The variety of produce allowed me to explore a lot of different brand ideas and ultimately helped me to try different mark-making techniques. In addition, I created a moodboard to get an idea of the direction that I wanted the brand to go in. I wanted the brand to be an Italian restaurant with an urban and cheeky twist.
sketches: torn paper, sumi ink, tempera resist
Medium Exploration & Sketches
This project began as an exploration of many different types of artistic mediums. I explored mediums like tempera resist, sumi ink, and torn paper. I ended up really liking the lines of the sumi ink because they were smooth enough that the image of the tomato was evident, but still had a lot of character and life. 

After creating the image logo, I brainstormed all of the different branding I could create with it. I landed on a tribute to my mother’s Italian family, and created a restaurant with my mother’s maiden name Mariani. Because I feel that Italian restaurant branding can lean towards the stuffy side, I decided to create an offbeat and trendy brand that would be targeted towards an urban population. The tagline of the brand became a tongue-in-cheek play on the Italian word for “hi” and the brand really exploded from there.
business cards
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