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    A collection of all my science fiction artwork to date. Complete with detail shots.
A collection showing all of the science fiction artwork I have created up to Febuary 2013.
Jump Gate
2013 - For The Luminarium
"Bridge crew start jump preperation. 1 hour to jump gate." ~Transmission Log of Exploration Vessel Better Late Than Never
The Final Journey
2012 - For EvokeOne
Extream Stress Reaction
2012 - For The Luminarium
Collaboration with Kuldar Leement
2012 - For The Luminarium

Collaboration with Kuldar Leement
Guardian's of the Temple
2011 - For The Luminarium
Welcome to the Temple, a safe haven for those escaping persecution and war. Here they can live in peace, and in peace they will be, for we are The Guardians and we keep the peace
Birth of a Solar System
2010 - For Evoke One
Collaboration with Erik Schumacher
Holiday Destination
Collaboration with BlPh.
"My oh my, these are going to be an awesome few days. Spending them far away from civilization, in total isolation. How I've dreamt of this place! 
And really cheap, too! Mars has become too crowded these days, not to mention the Alpha Centauri Holiday Resort. This one is still nice and quiet, as I want it. I can't await to be there! Just a couple more minutes!"
The Rings
2 young Belic pilots race through the strange gravity fields of 'The Rings'.

'The Rings', one of the many space anomalies in the binary star system. Its a giant structure left from an ancient civilisation. 'The Rings consists off 7 giant rings (3 large, 4 smaller) slowly rotating (on all axis) around a small star like ball of gas. While noone knows its origonal purpose it's strange local gravity is now used by the Belics as a 'manhood' test for their young men. They have to navigate through its shifting gravity and back.
Nebulea by http://resurgere.deviantart.com/