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    Identity design and creative direction for Moozaka, a small brand in Greece that produces cycling accessories.
Moozaka is a small brand that produces bike accessories, such as pedal straps and u-lock holders. Founded in Athens in 2012, Moozaka is all about bikes, rides, threads and friends. The people behind the brand are heavily involved in the greek bike scene and wanted their identity to aspire these values.
Instead of a fixed logotype, Moozaka's flexible identity can be applied on different mediums, according to specific needs. The element that prevails and unifies the identity is the horizontal line that crosses the typography, stating that Moozaka doesn't take itself too seriously. Hand-drawn type enforces the friendly, non-corporate feel of the brand.
Custom made u-lock holders in gold, silver and bronze for the winners of 'The Day After' alleycat race held in Athens on 22/12/12.