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    — Game Gold - first gaming PoS & smart contract cryptocurrency that can be mined right on your smartphone. Game Gold Smart contract consist of … Read More
    — Game Gold - first gaming PoS & smart contract cryptocurrency that can be mined right on your smartphone. Game Gold Smart contract consist of some tasks that will be assigned and rules that determine the way stakeholders should act in a particular situation and what needs to be done to meet the contract requirements. Read Less

01 Storytelling

With the creation of smartphones, humanity has already passed into virtual reality. Our whole life is in social networks. We order our food with the help of digital technology, call taxis, buy tickets for rest and of course we spend leisure time in our favorite video games.

I always loved video games, when I was coming back home, I sat down at my favorite PC, and then at my favorite console and plunged into a magical, mystical or cyber-punk post-apocalyptic world that gave birth to someone's stream of consciousness. But as you grow up, you get less time for your favorite games, you have to devote more time to work, standing in a traffic jam or queue at a supermarket. And at one point a miracle happened, mass production of games for mobile devices began.

One day I went to the subway, immersed in one of my favorite game at that time on my smartphone and thought that it would be nice to receive money, real money that you can spend on anything at all what you want, during the next game. Oh God, this is the perfect job for every boy! You play and you get paid for it. So our project Game Gold was born!

02 Game ICO Platfotm

Millions of people with a high level of activity communicate and work together to create unique communities with game content and virtual economies. By providing the tools they need, Game Gold allows them all to monetize their free time through the next game. 

Using the Game Gold coin will promote a culture of communication between people, cooperation, will show young players the first elements of the economy, giving players more control over their game content and their own lives, because now each player can actually earn by destroying another monster or selling the products of his fun farm. 

Players who feel valued will continue to return and increase your income, the income of the global market of mobile games, content developers and our investors. We provide players, communities and game creators with high-quality tools for monetizing their gaming world with the help of our Game ICO Platform.
Also in the near future we launch our Game ICO Platform. 
The Developers of mobile games will be able to use this platform to launch their own ICO where they can get money to create their games in our cryptocurrency.
In addition, with the platform, we release several games where anyone can already earn money simply by playing their favorite mobile game.

Our team is expert in the field of Digital, Web & Mobile design. 
We are able to make your product outstanding and unforgettable.
We're open for new projects:  hello@harpen.design

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