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    Improvised pop song with fast & cheap computer animation.
After studying improvised musical comedy at Upright Citizen's Brigade, The Second City and with Phyllis Katz (The Groundlings School), I decided to synthesize my interests in fast cheap animation with fast cheap music composition.  This quirky piece was the result.
In some forms of television comedy (read: daily talk shows) "fast & cheap" rule.  Writers come up with comedic ideas in the morning, and the performers realize them later in the day.  I was experimenting with using GPU "shader transformations" as a means of animating still images using the waveform of the audio as the primary parametric input.  Initially, I thought I would need to decompose the audio into sub-bands with a FFT or similar transformation, but it turned out that the volume was sufficient.
The "singing pants" here are simply a still image being warped by a simple 2D shader called "hole distortion".  The radius of the hole distortion is driven by the absolute volume of the audio mapped into an interval of [0..1].
The result is quite effective.  I screened this video at "The Second City's Seven Day Shorts" live show at The Second City in Hollywood and it was quite well received.