Counter Productive​​​​​​​
During the recent decade, the world has seen exponential growth in connectivity through wide 
spread availability of internet, yet constant connection to the web caused people to develop counterproductive habits that push away candid social interaction and diminish value of knowledge. Counter Productive is a brand that creates productive habits over the counter through application 
of analogue gaming.
Brand name “Counter Productive” originates from play on the word counterproductive. 
By breaking the word counterproductive into two, it created a new positive meaning.

Graphic box in the logo represents "making a case" for the brand to exist, and the element is used throughout the other components.
The game packaging was designed with focus on material quality, and it serves to emphasize experiences that are absent in digital realm.

Bright eye-catching metallic tone for the boxes was juxtaposed with glossy black to draw attention towards the packaging and away from the digital screen.

Textural quality of the packaging and interactive mechanism stimulates senses and 
makes the product memorable.
Swiping & Dragging 
is a game about breaking the counterproductive habit of sharing information online. 

Significance of information has dwindled in recent time as people nonchalantly swipe through information, and drag in numerous personal data online.

Empty out the cards in your hand while stalling your opponents from doing the same.

Game Play
In their turn players play a card matching either the color or the graphic of the deck.

Player can play additional card if the card has identical graphic and color as the card.

When a player has a single card left, other players can stop the player from further
action by guessing the last card correctly.

Win condition
Players that uses up all their cards wins.

Game Outcome
By playing the game, players will witness how other people take advantage of information. Through this experience, players will be able to take more caution with how they 
interact with information.
Opening & Closing 
is a game about breaking the counterproductive habit of watching digital contents.

Attention span has been in decline recently as people carelessly open contents based
on mindless imagery and close off anything requiring thought process.

Goal of the Game
Outwit your opponent by being the first one
to connect five game pieces in a row.

Game Play
Players take turn playing the game pieces.

Each turn player is allowed to place one
of their own pieces in the inside of the grid.

Game pieces can be stacked on top
of each other up to five stacks total.

Win condition
Game is won when five utmost top pieces are connected consecutively in a row horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

Game Outcome
By playing the game, players are compelled to restrain their impulsive nature 
in order to anticipate and examine each other’s moves.Through this experience, players will learn how to concentrate and think ahead.
Tapping & Flicking 
is a game about breaking the counterproductive habit of playing 
and meeting with people through digital display. 

As people tap and flick monotonously over the screen by themselves, gaming lost the communal aspect of it, and to make the matter worse anonymity of digital world destroyed empathy between players.

Goal of the Game
Knock off all the opponents game pieces off
the board and keep your own pieces on it.

Game Play
Players are only allowed to touch one of
their own game pieces.

Players take turns tapping or flicking their
pieces on the board.

Pieces knocked off the board cannot be used.

Win condition
Last piece standing and its owner
wins the game.

Game Outcome
By playing the game, players will be able to create a solid bond through competition. Through this experience, players will develop affinity towards gamesmanship.