I had a great pleasure working on Halo Waypoint Fall 2011 update.
It was a fun collaboration between 343i and Behaviour Interactive (my employer).
My role on this project was as an Art Director, UI and UX Designer mainly overlooking screen transition animations, 3D and post effects of the interface and panel selection animations. Panel content and layout was mainly designed by the 343i team. The interface was implemented using Microsoft's XUI.
Please note panels content and layout for designed by 343i.
The above image is an early concept for 2011 Update provided by 343i to me. I was entrusted with the task of improving this design and my final design concept can be seen below. 
The panels were wraped around a 3D sphere with DoF blur, transparency and lighting effects.
This is an edit of a marketing video released by 343i promoting the Halo Waypoint Fall 2011 update.