Memories are our greatest treasures. We try to capture specific moments in the hope to safely store them in memory and be able to relive them one day —​​​​​​​ Revivre

Concept: Jeroen van Geel & Sophia Altekamp
Art direction: Marten de Jongh
Product design: Sophia Altekamp
Graphic design: Claudio Garcia
Photography: Sophia Altekamp & Valérie van Gerven
Research proves that scent triggers memories and can recreate them more vividly than other senses. Our olfactory receptors are able to pick up on very specific notes and connect the dots inside our brain. So we thought: What if we could reverse engineer this process and turn things around: First, choose a scent and second, capture a specific moment that you want to relive later.
Our ability to experience anything is rooted in the constant exchange of electrical impulses between the neurons in our brain. This rhythmic neural activity is known as neural oscillation, or brainwave and can be divided in five major bandwidths on our spectrum of consciousness: from slow, dreamless sleep to states of relaxation and calmness up to alert consciousness and peak performance. Just like music and color, brain waves have frequencies that can be measured and matched to a certain state of emotion. Any moment we live could theoretically be recreated exactly if you would only know which frequency to tune into.

We set out to create scents that one could consciously connect to an 
important moment. For that we choose three different emotional states: Playful, Intimate and Healing. Each one representing a specific frequency range within the brainwave spectrum. This in turn informed our choices when designing the visual identity. Colors are chosen based on their correlating frequencies and patterns created using a research technique to map out acoustics. For the creation of the scents we worked closely together with perfumers and scent specialists. Ingredients were chosen based on their emotional connectivity in order to create the perfect scent to capture a memory within that particular emotional state.
“Contained within these ‘objets d’art’ are wholesome experiences that embrace sight, smell, and also memorial complexities.”

Nhat Vo — Minimalissimo
The final product is a limited edition range of the three sets: Playful, Intimate and Healing. Each set contains of a perfume dispenser to capture the moment and a porcelain oil flask and diffuser to relive the moment. Revivre, capture and relive the moment.​​​​​​​
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