Children’s Oral Health in Schools’ Reopening Days
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Children’s Oral Health in Schools’ Reopening Days
School reopening in every year brings new phase in the lives of children. New notebooks, pencils, new backpacks and changed academic schedule may be pretty much exciting for a lot of children. This is also the time which the dentists recommend for the children to have a dental visit at. Usually, there should be a dental visit after every six months. Children get one of their dental visits in the fall and the second one at the time of their schools’ reopening.
Why it is necessary for the children to have dental visits before their first day at school?
Apart from the schedule which is usually set this way, dental visit at the start of academic year acts as a reminder for the children regarding the importance of their oral hygiene and dental health. It is pretty much easier for the children to skip necessary elements in their daily oral hygiene routines because of the natural naivety children possess. Furthermore, dentist may be able to find it an appropriate time for the children to have some dental protection so that their teeth do not get affected due to a possible change in diet. For this purpose, the dentist may run some dental exams. Some of those exams include:

# Fluoride treatment
# Dental cleanings
# Dental x-rays
# Screening for dental and gum infections
# Tests for the possibility of TMJ disorder
The dental services
With the help of dental examination, the dentist may find it appropriate for the children to have some kinds of treatments or preventive dental procedures. Although it is going to be your final decision, the parents can find reports of these tests pretty helpful in deciding what to go for. Having that said, there are a few dental services which the dentists may recommend for your kid.

# One of the preventive procedures for children is to give them the dental sealants. This solution mainly consists of bio-compatible ingredients and it mainly works as a barrier which is laid over teeth in order to make the chewing surface (and the depths in it) secure against bacterial infection. Hence, these sealants provide necessary protection against tooth decay.
# When children grow, their bodies become more active. This is the reason that growing children need to engage themselves in sports activities. While sport is a healthy activity, it brings with it the risk which is mainly targeted towards the head area. So, your children may wear helmets with the wires in front of the face but there is still huge danger for the teeth. To make sure that teeth of your children are safe during sports, you may need to provide your kid with a mouth guard specifically made for sports.
# Growing children usually get the problem of wisdom tooth which could start growing in wrong direction, making its existence pretty painful one. In this scenario, the dentist may tell you to consider removal of this wisdom tooth. Although this extraction may be painful for a while, it is going to help you child in getting relaxed for the rest of his/her life.