This non-dialog short movie raises the issue of ethics of wild animals captivity.
The girl, lost in the forest, faces with the bear escaped from the circus.
They had a chance to make friends in spite of the wild beast which lives inside every animal, even trained one, and which is ready to break free any time.
However, their friendship will suffer a sad fate, again with human intervention.
Director Olesya Kustova
Director of photography Constantine Silakov
Composer Rafael Minishev
Script Olesya Kustova
Sound Denis Tsukanov
General Producer Alexander Nemenkov
Executive Producer Marina Sidorova
Trainers Svetlana and Yury Panteleenko
Cast: Alexander Lipko, Marina Sidorova, Alexander Nemenov, bear Stepan,
Edit Olesya Kustova
Post Production Alexander Nemenov
Backstage Marina Cherednichenko
The Trap

The Trap