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Formula 1 - Portfolio
A collection of my own favourite shots from the fascinating world of Formula 1 racing.
My name is Martin Trenkler and I am a freelance photographer since 2002, when I started covering the Formula 1 World Championship. I was the only apprentice of the sport's 2 most legendary photographers - Rainer Schlegelmilch and Paul-Henri Cahier. Through them I learned not only how to shoot motor racing, but how photography is all about philosophy - how we view the world around us. Furthermore this very intense and challenging sport taught me how to create both art and quality documentary photos in a very efficient way: speed and flexibility are the key elements. Therefore I can apply all my experience into different fields of photography. I especially enjoy documentary portraits, emotions and play of light. Acting fast in an ever changing environment (not just F1) is a challenge I strive for. Having worked for various international clients I also understand the needs for variety, quality and client's requirements in general. As a professional photographer I always look for new, fresh challenges.

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Formula 1 - Portfolio