The project is a request from the Rolling Stone magazine to draw a cover for the special edition to celebrate "the 100 greatest guitarists of all time." The cover, although based on the style of those that preceded it, must be the result of new creative solutions. 
Mind map
guitar > wood > living/sacred object > history > passion > hand made
Mood board
passion, emotional value, living object, history, experience, handmade, backstage
The guitarist refines his technique with dedication and time, trying for hours clutching an object that gains value over time. Which is almost spiritual. Artistic. Increases its culture and his knowledge guarding objects and writings. His approach to his instrument is physical, material. His experience grows and smoothes over time. As a craftsman working wood. The relationship with his guitar is love, perseverance, passion and pain. As a craftsman aging his own hands working wood, piece by piece. 
Handmade wood pyrography
some of the autographs of the best guitarists I've done
The cover
first of all I made a calligraphy and I vectorialized it
traced the inscription on wood with a pyrograph
cleaned the original photo
filled the wood texture
added emphasis on texture
and autographs of guitarists
the final cover
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